Automotive Direct File

To get started from the Home screen, click on the link Automotive Direct File.

The Automotive Direct file is the most complete and accurate database of automobile owners with Make, Model, Year available in the U.S. Continually tested and proven to out-perform all other auto files available, the Automotive Direct Database enables marketers to choose from Make, Model, Auto Year, as well as a host of other valuable selects. Unlike some automobile files, our database has coverage in all 50 states, is Shelby compliant, updated every 30 days, and is 100% VIN coded for output.

Our Automotive Direct file is compiled from multiple sources including point of sale, point of service, online insurance quotes, warranty companies, aftermarket repair companies, and major car clubs of America.

There are four main tabs that are used for the Automotive Direct list: Geography, Automotive, Demographics, and Options.