Figure 7-2

Homeowner/Absentee Owner:  Selections in this section are made to target the list to households where the homeowner is an absentee owner or owner occupied.

Property Code:  Users can choose to target their list to specific property codes. Property codes are a general code used to easily recognize specific property types (e.g. Residential, Condominium, and Commercial).

Land Use:  Land Use selections are used to target the list to specific land use options. Land use codes are converted from various county Land Use codes to aid in search and extract functions.

Condition:  Users can target their list to properties based on the properties condition. The Condition represents the physical condition.

Quality:  The Quality section represents the type of construction quality of the building (e.g. excellent, economical, etc.). This field is driven by county data. Each city has a different quality grading system.

Corporate Owner:  The Corporate Owner section is based on the Name of the property owner which has been recognized as a corporation or business. Corporate Owner options are: All Records, Yes, No or Unknown. If the user chooses yes, their list will show only corporate owned properties. If the user selects No or Unknown, only those records that have a No or Unknown marked for this section will display. If a user is looking for individuals or a person they would select NO.

Year Built:  The Year Built is the construction year of the original building. Users can choose to target their list based on the year built using this selection. More than one selection can be made in this section.

Effective Year Built:  The Effective Year Built is the first year the building was assessed with its current components (e.g., a building is originally constructed in 1960 and a bedroom and bath was added to the building in 1974. The Year Built would be 1960 and the Effective Year Built would be 1974.)

Mobile Home:  The Mobile Home option is populated with a “Y” if a Mobile Home is present on the parcel. This option allows users to target their list to records shown as mobile homes.