Target Demographics Tab

The Target Demographics sub-tabs are where users make selections to limit their lists. The sub-tabs are different for each type of list and available target demographic choices depend on what type of file is chosen when starting a list.

For example, a Neighborhood Saturation File allows the user to narrow their count by Carrier Route Median Age, Carrier Route Median Household Income, etc. A Consumer Household File allows the user to narrow their count by household income, number of children in the home, etc. The Domestic Business File allows the user to narrow their count by Number of Employees, Sales Volume, etc.

 TipTIP: As a rule, the more Target Demographic options selected, the smaller the count becomes.

Help Tip NOTE: Postage rates may be affected and selection charges may apply when making selections under the Target Demographics tab.

By default, Target Demographic selections must match ALL criteria selected. For example, if a count includes Median Age and Median Household Income, the default functionality will identify routes which are the specified Median Age AND Median Household Income. If a carrier route does not match ALL of the criteria selected, those routes will not be part of the count.