Demographics - Basic Sub-tab

  • Household Age

    Information is derived using self-reported data and public information.
  • Household Income

    Data is sourced from self-reported sources and modeled based on the individual’s data and household demographics.
  • Household Marital Status

    Compiled based on self-reported data and inferred from other household data.
  • Household Size

    Results display how many persons are located at an address.
  • Household Education

    Education Level.  Options range from high school or less to graduate school.
  • Narrow Band Household Income

    Information is specific or inferred.  Information is based on the same algorithm as Household Income but presented in smaller buckets.
  • Address Type

    Selections can be made to narrow the type of addresses being mailed to.
  • Number of Generations in Household

    Based on adult and children’s ages in 18 year increments.
  • Household Political Party

    Democrat, Republican, and/or Independent. Multiple parties are shown if the persons in a household have more than one political party.