Demographics - House Sub-tab

  • Dwelling Type

    Information is Specific. SFDU = Single Family Dwelling Unit. MFDU = Multiple Family Dwelling Unit.
  • Home Owner

    Information is specific or inferred.
  • Length of Residence

    Derived from both Assessor data and the origination date of record on the file at the current address.
  • Year Home Built

    Indicates the construction year of the home.
  • Home Valuation Model (Thousands)

    Estimated home market value for property. Utilizing a combination of Government sourced and 3rd party sourced data to derive market value. When this data is missing a proprietary model is used to estimate the value based on demographic, geo-demographic and property characteristics.
  • Home Sale Year

    Date of home sale per deed information.
  • Home Sale Price

    Home sale price (actual value) at the time of purchase. 
  • Living Area Square Footage Range

    Indicates the squre footage of the entire living area of the home (minus basement, garage, etc.).
  • Lot Size

    Displayed in number of acres.