Target Demographics Sub-tabs

Each list type has varying options available under the Target Demographics section. For example, when choosing certain target demographics under the Neighborhood Saturation File, the user will be selecting values based on the median carrier route values. The Consumer Household File selections under the Target Demographics section will be based on individual household criteria. The Domestic Business File options will be based on individual business criteria.

The Median values are based on the carrier route, not the specific households. By selecting one of these options, users are limiting their list to the median value of each postal route.

Example: A user selects the Median Age value of 25-34 Years Old. The list will only include those carrier routes that have a median age range of 25-34 years old.

Figure 4-41

If there is a carrier route where the household information shows the homeowner’s ages at 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 25, 27, 27, 28, 28, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 36, and 37; the median age of that route would be 28. This route would fall within the value selected in the example for Median Age. This entire route would be included in the list.

Users can select more than one option in these sections. To target the Median Age of 18-34 years old the user can select both the 18-24 and the 25-34 choices in the Median Age section. To select more than one option the user should click on the first option and then press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard while selecting additional options.

Additional Information

Include in Export: Most options in the Target Demographics sub-tabs have the option to include specific information in the list export. If users check one of these options, the selected data will be displayed in the exported list.

Specific or Inferred: Selecting specific will return address information where specific sources show the information is correct. Selecting Inferred will return address information where information has been inferred based on other information. For example, in the Targeted Consumer Household File an address may show at least 1 married if the addressee writes their name as Mrs. It is inferred that they are married based on the title used.

Match All Selections: When this option is available and selected it will force the address information to match all of the selections chosen. For example, Match All Selections is available for the Credit Cards option in the Targeted Consumer Household File. If a user checks the Match All Selections box and then selects American Express, Debit Card, and Furniture then the data returned will only show addresses that have all three of those credit cards.