Demographics - Finance Sub-tab

  • Credit Cards

    Indicates whether there is at least one user of that type of credit card at the address. Match All Selections: When checked, a record must match all of the selections to be returned.
  • Credit

    Represents a category of credit available by someone within the household.
  • Target Value Score For All Marketers

    Estimated Consumer marketing profitability. This modeled data is derived from credit behavior and leverages demographic and self-reported data.

    Target Value Score does not incorporate individual credit data and cannot be used to determine creditworthiness, or to determine eligibility for credit, employment, or insurance.

  • Net Worth Model

    The estimated value of the household’s assets minus liabilities.
  • Original Mortgage Amount (Thousands)

    1st Mortgage amount (actual value) original transaction 0000 to 9999 in thousands.