Basic Criteria

Figure 5-6

Contact Options

Do Not Append Names: When users choose the Do Not Append Names option, they do not want the residences names on their list.

Append Names: This option will allow a user to include names in their list. Under the Append Names option is two choices. One is to append names where available and the other is to append Named Addresses Only.

Include in Export

Latitude & Longitude: Choosing the Latitude & Longitude option allows users to view the Latitude and Longitude of addresses in their exported list.

Census Data: Users would select this option if they want Census Data exported to the list. The Census Data is derived from census tract and block group information.


Residential: This option allows the user to include a salutation for their mailings to residential househoulds.

Business: This option allows the user to include a salutation for their mailings to businesses.

Alternate: This option allows the user to include an alternate salutation for their mailings. This option is used when users choose to append names where available in the Contact Options section.

Other Options

Date of Mailing: Users can select a date of mailing. This option is useful because it will add or remove addresses within the target selection based on post office seasonality or deactivation flags.

Are you mailing First Class?: Checking this option automatically excludes Simplified Routes and MFDU Drop Dwelling Types. Un-checking this does not automatically check the Simplified Routes and MFDU Drop Dwelling Types. Users would still have to make these selections on the Target Demographics tab.

Exclude College Addresses?: College addresses have seasonality flags for whether students will be available at an address at certain times. Students can deactivate their college address during summer vacation for example. When creating a list, users can choose to not send to College Addresses at any time. This is typically beneficial during college breaks since there may not be anybody at those addresses at that time.

Keycode: Users can assign key codes to orders which allow them to combine more than one list in the same order. This option can make payment of lists more convenient.

Run Stop: This option is used to set a maximum amount of records extracted to the data file. Unlike the Feather option where users can choose which routes to remove from their list, this option will output just the amount of addresses specified. Anything after that amount on the list will not be included in the data file.