Demographics - Options Tab

  • File Use

    The values donate how a particular record is coded as desirable vs. undesirable for mailing purposes. Production File – Best records for Mailing/Telemarketing that Epsilon uses for the TotalSource XL lists. To be classified as mailable, households must be verified within the last 24 months & met DPV and/or valid carrier route coding. Telemarketing File – May not be used for Mailing purposes. Telemarketing only. Records that do not meet the Production file standards but do have telephone numbers that Epsilon can sell for telemarketing purposes.
  • Address Quality Code

    During the compilation, the file is run through additional address quality processes including DSF2. This validates if the address exists in the USPS database and any issues that exist. The recommended selections are pre-selected. Un-deliverables may increase if additional options are selected.
  • Number of Sources Verifying Household

    Indicates the number of sources contributing to the composition of the record.
  • Number Per Household

    Defaults to One Per Household. When One Per Household is selected only one person per household will receive the mail piece. When Multiple Per Household is selected, any consumer that matches all of the target demographics selected will be included in the list.
  • Exclude Seasonals

    Information coming soon
  • Exclude Records With Suppressed Phones

    Source of phone suppression (State suppressed, dma suppressed, state and dma, federal dnc, federal dnc and state, federal dnc and dma, all suppressed.)
  • Keycode

    Users can assign key codes to orders which allow them to combine more than one list in the same order. This option can make payment of lists more convenient.